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Our high-class and versatile inspectionservices

The vehicle inspection is done according to the law and during the inspection certain objects defined by law are inspected. The purpose of the inspection is to ensure the well-being of you and other road users. Additionally to the condition and safety of the vehicle it is also inspected that the vehicle does not cause too much load on the environment and that the mandatory vehicle taxes and traffic-insurance fees are performed. Also the equipment of the car has to be according to regulations.

Check-up has to be performed during one month after the periodic inspection, and if the check-up is not done within the given time frame, the car has to be inspected all over again.

Regarding some deficiencies defined by Trafi a reparation-order can be given, and in this case the vehicle does not need to be approved after the reparation. The approved periodic inspection is marked in the registration certificate and in the vehicle register. In case the inspection is not valid, it is forbidden to use the vehicle.

We serve in following issues:
- Periodic inspections of passenger cars and vans
- Periodic inspections of mopeds and all-terrain vehicles (vehicle category L)
- Inspections of trailers and campers
- Rally car inspections (so-called transfer label cars)
- Exhaust measurements
- OBD-measurements
- Insurances
- Condition inspection
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